mobility design guide



HfG Offenbach




Maximilian Brand
Philipp Kaltofen
Jan Meininghaus


In recent years, the HfG has started a research project funded by the state of Hesse. Their aim was to design a handbook that would be useful for urban planners, mayors and those responsible for cities.

As a team, we developed a concept together with the HfG to reflect the depth of the handbook.

 The different heights of the map show the range of the concepts. The closer you "fly" to it, the more detailed the concepts become and the more clearly you can see how they can be implemented in real projects.

The guide is powered by Wordpress as the CMS and can be maintained with a fully custom content system.

Knowing that we needed to get the best possible performance out of the framework with 3D content, Gatsby was the right choice. 

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